Applying for a Grant

Grant Application Form can be viewed and printed on the below link. Please post all completed grant application forms and supporting documents to BlueSky Community Trust Ltd, PO Box 128 049, Remuera, Auckland 1541. Please print your email address clearly on the application form, as all correspondence and outcome letters are sent via email.
Please read through the information on the application form and ensure:
1. The Application fits within the Authorised Purpose of BlueSky Community Trust Ltd. 
2. The applicant is a non-profit body.
3. The grant is to be applied to specific and future purposes; no retrospective grants can be made.
4. The application is made on the correct form, and is complete.
If the application does not meet the above requirements, the application will not be considered by BlueSky Community Trust Ltd.

Conditions of Grant

The grant must be used only for the specific purpose for which the application was made and spent within 3 months of the grant being made. 
Copies of invoices, receipts and bank statements must be provided to BlueSky Community Trust within 3 months of the grant being made to verify that the grant has been used in accordance with the purpose approved. Please refer to Auditing Procedure. 
Any grant money which is not spent on the purpose approved must be returned to BlueSky Community Trust within 3 months of the grant being made.